Svelte Apple Watch

A while ago, I was listening to one of my regular podcasts, one in which they talk (a lot) about Apple Products. Something that came up in the discussion — and something I hear frequently— is the thickness of the Apple Watch. More precisely, that it is too thick.

It’s always something that has struck me as a non-issue. Sure, I can understand that in some cases a thin watch has its advantages, easier fitting for shirt cuffs, less weight on the wrist etc., but I’m convinced Apple went for a thickness that is within reason of what is standard in the industry, something doesn’t appear odd in the horological world at all.

Take for example, the Chanel Monsieur de Chanel. This watch is 10.4mm thick (the Apple Watch is 11.4mm thick in the 42mm Aluminium version). It has all the functions you would want on a mechanical watch and is, in my opinion, frankly beautiful. Or this Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Ice Hockey edition — quite a bit more affordable — at 13mm thick. The thickness allows Apple to pack in more functionality than even the most advanced hybrid watches, let alone the traditional mechanical ones.

It’s not perfect yet by any stretch of the imagination. And I’m sure other enhancements are on their way (thinner, always-on screen, please Apple ?). But for now, I have no issues with the thickness and the trade-off choices Apple made and it is certainly not out of the ordinary for a watch of its quality.

Image Source : Sankowski