Matthew 2.0

2 days in a row I’ve completed my rings. Yes, I am slave to my Apple Watch. Its unending task mastering has me out walking the dog, in the dark, up a 13% hill for me to get in the last 20 minutes of exercise for the day to close the Exercise Ring. I know, I know. But you know what ? I’m actually quite pleased with myself for having the discipline to get myself out to do this under the circumstances.

I don’t know why I am impulsed to do it, but it feels good to have accomplished something quick and effective and clearly beneficial for my health.

Having had 4 minutes left on the exercise counter to reach the slave masters’ required target, I embarked upon a quick 4 minute circuit training routine, adapted from those famous 7 minute workout routines. Once the rings had been closed, it was off for a hot shower.

I live a sedentary life, one that prevents me from exercising adequately in the day. Where I live, the question of working out at lunchtime is rather complicated — it’s hot, it’s very humid and more importantly we have no showers. Nay a room where I can cat lick myself to clean, for an afternoon client meeting. Pouring with sweat at a meeting is rather frowned upon for some reason.

I decided I should embark upon Matthew 2.0 this year, having upgraded Matthew 1.0 to 1.8 over the course of last year. Closing these rings, is part of that upgrade process.

Release Notes, Matthew 2.0

  • Improved CPU
  • Improved Power Management
  • Improved Concentration
  • Fixed Sleeping bug
  • Fixed Bad Eating bug
  • Implemented Mindfullness 1.0
  • Implemented Exercise 1.0

Photo : / Japheth Mast