Interesting Links May 5th, 2018

  1. Why two spaces after a period isn’t wrong … : (Heraclitus)
  2. Google accused of using GDPR to impose unfair terms on publishers : TechCrunch
  3. FaceBook Has Begun To Rank News Organizations By Trust, Zuckerberg Says : BuzzFeed
  4. Dating with Facebook : What’s love got to do with it? :
  5. Here’s how to motivate yourself to work when you’re not in the mood : we (Dr Travis Bradbury)
  6. The magnificent violence hidden in a single raindrop :
  7. Opinion | The End of Intelligence : NYTimes
  8. Are You Really Facebook’s Product? : Slate
  9. Dealing with the privacy paradox : Monday Note

05 May 2018

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash