Interesting Links May 19th, 2018

  1. What Google isn’t telling us about its AI demo : Axios
  2. Reacting to plunging revenues, Salt Lake Tribune lays off a third of its newsroom, cuts back print offerings : Salt Lake Tribune
  3. Five-day Atlantic Hurricane forecasts in 2017 were as accurate as two-day forecasts in 1998… : TechMeme
  4. Sources : about a dozen Google employees resign in protest of the firm’s continued involvement in providing image classification AI to Pentagon’s Project Maven : TechMeme
  5. Investigation : data collected by Facebook quiz myPersonality was shared with researchers over insecure site, leaving 3M+ users’ details vulnerable for 4 years : TechMeme
  6. Just Keep At It : 500ish Words
  7. After Authenticity : Subpixel
  8. Europe’s Data Protection LawIs a Big, Confusing Mess : NY Times

19 May 2018

Photo by Mathieu Nicolet, Realistic Shots