Interesting Links June 23rd, 2018

  1. Will the European Union ruin the Internet ? : Marginal Revolution
  2. Ways to think about machine learning : Benedict Evans
  3. There’s No Scientific Basis for Race — It’s a Made-up Label : National Geographic
  4. Europe takes another step towards copyright pré-filtres for user generated content : Tech Crunch
  5. Opinion : Beyond the hurricanes, how do we finance resilience in the Caribbean ? : Caricom
  6. What’s Really Wrong with WikiLeaks : City Journal
  7. Looking for Life on a Flat Earth : The New Yorker
  8. After the crisis, Silicon Valley overtook Wall Street as the place to be : CNN Money
  9. Privacy is a luxury, just like a $1,000 iPhone : Quartz

23 June 2018

Photo by Mathieu Nicolet, Realistic Shots