Nikon Announces Development of Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

From PetaPixel :

“Nikon has just officially announced the development of its upcoming full frame mirrorless camera, finally confirming months of rumors and leaks.

The new full frame mirrorless system will be built around a brand new lens mount that “explores a new level of optical performance,” but existing Nikon DSLR lenses will also be compatible with the camera using a specially designed F-mount adapter.”

It’s good that Nikon have formally announced this, ending months of speculation and potentially damaging information from badly managed leaks, but the danger for Nikon is two-fold : will people wait for this new system given the fact they have a very real choice now (Sony A7 series) ? Because you need to use an adapter to take advantage of existing lenses — we don’t know if either the adapter is included by default or at what quality the existing lenses will operate — or purchase a whole new set of lenses to take full advantage, why limit yourself to just Nikon?

I’m sure Nikon is absolutely honest and correct, these lenses with the new body will probably blow away existing setups (possibly causing a devaluation of the existing DSLR line) but not tying existing customers in using their moat of compatibility, seems to me, like confirming to existing customers it’s fine to look elsewhere, because the transition is as painful (costly) with us as if you went elsewhere.

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