Mark Zuckerberg has just exposed to Apple and the Chinese Gov, the Kryptonite to its messaging services

“WhatsApp is completely end-to-end encrypted, does not store your messages and doesn’t store the keys to your messages in China or anywhere else,” Zuckerberg said. “And this is important because if our systems can’t see your messages, then that means governments and bad actors won’t be able to access them through us either.”

In its earnings call and in one fell swoop, Mark Zuckerberg admitted –at worst– his company’s non-compliance with Chinese laws (whether you agree with them or not is immaterial) and at best, has given the Chinese Government the exact strategy to follow to bring Facebook into control.

Worse for Facebook however, Apple has only to unlock iMessage on Android, and then Facebook has a much bigger problem than before. Creating a bigger opportunity for Apple’s “Halo Effect” to come in to play, risking accelerating Android to Apple adoption.

Via Appleinsider