Interesting Links December 1st, 2018

  1. Opinion | Lean Out : NY Times — An excellent opinion piece from Kara Swisher on the politics and dynamics of public opinion towards Facebook’s No.2. Worth the read, even if you’re not in complete agreement with the article. Personally, I think she’s right. You’re much more likely to be targeted if your not from a certain stock, shall we say!
  2. Parliament seizes cache of Facebook internal papers : The Guardian — An intriguing story about the use of special parliamentary powers to finally get hold of information that Facebook has been refusing to divulge. Looking forward to the unpacking of this hoard over the next few days and months. Something tells me we’ll see the ‘real’ Facebook in this.
  3. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Is Tainted by Crisis After Crisis : Bloomberg — Case in point to the the opinion piece in the NY Times (see above).
  4. PC Market Resilience : TechPinions — Tim Bajarin goes through the factors and numbers that explain the changes in the PC industry. Interesting reading, if a little technical. We are in the middle of a revolution of computing devices, with the likes of Apple leading the way.
  5. Long vs. Short: Can Etsy Continue to Own the Handmade Space? : NY Magazine — Fascinating look at a market created by one idea that despite being undervalued (?) is now subject to some serious competition (Amazon). Clearly Amazon see’s something in this space and its is obviously complementary to their existing businesses. Etsy is not going down easily though. Have a read.
  6. Facebook and its ‘black people problem’ : BBC — It’s obvious that I don’t like Facebook’s culture, but reading these articles just seem to confirm how deeply awful the company really is. I’m trying to avoid confirmation bias, but there is just so much talk out there from reputable sources that go in that direction.
  7. MPs Leave Empty Chair for Zuckerberg after Facebook CEO Refuses to Attend Inquiry : WinBuzzer — A dramatic tactic designed to embarrass Mark Zuckerberg. But you cannot embarrass a sociopath. A bit strong perhaps, but clearly Mark Zuckerberg is lacking empathy. His actions show this.
  8. Inside the Great Electromagnetic Resistance : Narratively — Wow! A stunning look at a world I knew existed, but I didn’t expect them to go that far. I’m perplexed at people who, despite clear evidence to the contrary, still rail against logic, reason and often scientific fact.

Sorry, for having a “Facebook Issue” again, but this week was again dominated by that big, bad wolf. Have a great week.

1 December 2018

Photo by Brent Gorwin on Unsplash