Interesting Links December 8th, 2018

  1. Where are the Linchpin jobs? : Seth Godin — Upfront admission… It’s a pitch for something, but the article’s first part is very insightful. Maybe the CTA will interest you too?
  2. The Woman Who Outruns the Men, 200 Miles at a Time : NY Times — I liked this write-up for several reasons. I’ve been discussing recently with my 11 year-old son and others in my social circle about the day that sports become mixed gender. I’m not sure we’re too far off from the first sport doing so. The recent Women’s Cricket World Cup showed how near to the men’s game it has become, and, as far as I’m concerned, about time. Secondly, in my family I have someone invested heavily in the Trail scene and having taken many photos (over 10K) for them over the years, I really enjoyed the images in the article. Definitely worth the read, even if you’re not a sports person.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg: ‘That May Be Good for the World But It’s Not Good Fox Us’ : NY Magazine — I don’t know what to think about this to be honest. On one level, sure, Facebook being a private company can do pretty much whatever the hell it likes, as long as its legal. And nothing in this trove suggests illegal as far as I’m aware. But on another level, it irks me that they re so fast a loose with our information, totally desensitising and dehumanising the data, that they end up making morally reprehensible decisions. Should we guide our activities uniquely on what’s legal or not?
  4. Captain of His Destiny: The Man Who Has Lived On A Cruise Ship For 13 Years : Forbes — I remember reading/seeing a similar case of another man living on a Cruise Ship. It was, as I remember for economical reasons. This case is different, as he still has on-land property and does come back to shore now and again. But there is something endearing about his choice. I won’t give it away, but he has — as the title suggests — taken in to to his own hands the direction of his destiny. That’s pretty clever. Do read it.
  5. UNESCO adds reggae music to global cultural heritage list : Caricom — I thought this was great news. A long time coming, but finally here. I loved Roddigan’s commentary on BBC Radio about this.
  6. Sheryl Sandberg Asked for Soros Research, Facebook Acknowledges : NY Times — Disaster after disaster for Facebook at the moment. When will someone (in charge) take a long hard look at themselves and at what the repercussions on a global scale are, so that the monster they created and subsequently lost control of can be tamed?
  7. The semiconductor industry and the power of globalisation : The Economist — I love these long editorials from the Economist. Definitely worth reading/subscribing. This article does the job of taking that disastrous Bloomberg article and writing how it should have been done in the first place.
  8. Behind the Nonprofit That Coaches At-Risk Students and Heals Trauma — One Text At A Time : Forbes — We’re so wound up in a world-view at the moment, being bombarded by ‘news’ from around the world, that sometimes we lose focus on what’s happening around us, or we interpret local happenings using judgement of world-scale consequences. This article was really refreshing, showing how something so small (on a world-scale) is so impactful locally. I think this model could easily be replicated and extended to more areas and more of the population. Little investment would be required to get it of the ground, I believe …
  9. 5 books I loved in 2018 : — “I’m sure 25-year-old me would scoff at this one, …” This pretty much sums up how I’ve come around to thinking about some of this stuff. Not without wrestling with deeply ingrained views and cultural influences. They journey has been interesting and truly positive so far.

8 December 2018

Photo by Brent Gorwin on Unsplash