Interesting Links December 15th, 2018

  1. In France, School Lessons Ask: Which Twitter Post Should You Trust? : NY Times — Personally, I think this is an excellent initiative and something that many others countries affected by Social Media’s downsides — UK, USA, I’m looking at you — should be implementing. We teach so many others things in Schools and Universities, why not Social Media Studies?
  2. Is Tech Too Easy to Use? : NY Times — The concept of friction is brought in to light in this article. Essentially its asking if frictionless interactions with software are at the root of issues surrounding Social Media use. There is merit in asking these questions, but I think nuance can be lost by too much generalisation. In some instances, software is possibly not easy enough to use. I’m thinking health care, mental health care, etc.
  3. Social Media outpaces print newspapers in the U.S. as a news source : Pew Research — Un surprising news to many of us following the evolution of digital devices and media. Incumbent upon existing media outlets to better reach this demographic.
  4. Going off-grid? Facebook will be watching : The Times — Slightly misleading title aside, this article outlines a patent application by Facebook to pre-load content on users’ devices when it appears that they will be offline for a time (going in to a long tunnel, like the Channel Tunnel for example). What’s important in this application is that it exposes Facebooks’ scrambling intention to advertise to its users at all costs. That is its culture. A business model shift won’t change that.
  5. How Doug Engelbart Pulled off the Mother of All Demos : Wired — Fascinating story (don’t forget to look at the linked articles on the same topic). Long read for the weekend. Enjoy. Amazing that Doug Engelbart was so forward-thinking are predicted with so much accuracy what we have today… almost.
  6. Facebook’s Dirty Tricks Are Nothing New for Tech : Wired — Yet another article that exposes in disappointing detail how much of the Silicon Valley clan operate. Long gone are the days of progressive thinking, social inclusion and well-being in the business models. Power tasted too good, I guess.
  7. Topping off the tank : Seth Godin — I’m not sure I agree with this assessment fully. Sure, the time taken topping off the tank is worth more than the 20 cents recovered in sales. But a Petrol Station (Gas Station, if you will) is not a constant line of cars. There is downtime as the attendant waits for the next customer. What is he/she to do? Clean up again for umpteenth time? It’s a matter of satisfaction and self-occupation that the attendants do this. I asked one, that’s how I know. Seth should do the same, it’s his job and the very minimum required in Marketing!
  8. Microsoft Browser Shift Has Major Implications for Software and Devices : TechPinions — More of a techy article than anything. I’m not in total agreement with the piece, as I feel it is articulated from an old-world view of web-based software. The future is mobile, we know this — XX% of world Internet traffic is from mobile devices and it doesn’t stop growing — and there are players, like Apple, that still hold enormous weight. I do agree, however, that this spells a difficult road ahead for Intel. The disrupters always get disrupted.

15 December 2018

Photo by Brent Gorwin on Unsplash