January 5th, 2019 : RIP Interesting Links, Long Live Interesting Links

No interesting links blog post this weekend as I was working on a new format that’s been on my mind for a while…

Continuing on from where I left off at the end of 2018, I’m hoping to continue to develop the format of each article to go in to a little more depth. I’m not entirely sure how to do this at the moment and, like the few articles towards the end of last year, I’ll be adding my thoughts and analysis related to the subject. I’ve decided to split up the articles in to daily posts of one or two articles, rather than a long post as I suspect it’ll get more attention than a big long read.

Going in to more detail will inevitably mean that I’ll link to fewer articles I suspect, but we’ll see. This is the first week to try a new format. I think it’s better than a straight link blog, which was the idea behind the original format but ultimately limited and of little value outside discovery. The new format should provide discovery and commentary. I’m ultimately aiming to produce this as a newsletter but not sure how the format will develop, week-end summary, daily? I’ll answer that question over the coming months. Wish me luck!