The slow-motion train wreck that is Brexit, from a European perspective

What Europeans Talk about when they Talk about Brexit: London Review of Books

I’ll let you read the full (long) article, but tell you that I sympathise with quite a bit of what is said. I’m an ex-pat of 14 years and not best pleased with the entire shot-show that Brexit has become. Europe doesn’t want Britain to leave, Britain (it now seems) doesn’t want to leave, but no one can swallow pride and pull the plug.

Of course, the UK. will survive and will get back on its feet fairly quickly, but at what cost? Not just the financial one, but it is now becoming evident, it has almost entirely lost its power and standing in the world. Brexit single-handedly did this.

Worse than that, the UK. itself is not happy about it, just look at Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wales is gunning for Brexit, but historically Wales has been treated less-well than the rest of the Union for a very long time and is now at the stage of feeling that any shit is better than this shit. It’s understandable.

Getting back to my point about saving face, I don’t say this ignorantly. I have friends that are more for Brexit than not, that recognise there’ll be hardship in the short to medium term, if not long-term, but who are of the opinion that because it was voted for, it should go ahead regardless.

I can understand that point of view too, but seriously? Is this even a sensible argument? I’m genuinely asking the question because I can’t work out a sane answer which ever way I try. Running face first into a brick wall because we agreed we’d do it (when we didn’t understand what was really going to happen) is not clever and should not happen because we’re too stubborn and proud to back down.

9 January 2019, F.W.I