Bigger tech, bigger scandals

How big tech platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon use exclusionary conduct to acquire and maintain monopoly power and this possibly violate antitrust law : Techmeme

Somewhere in the back of my mind I’d heard of the Sherman Act, probably from Stratechery. I had no idea that it was from 1890 though. Sally Hubbard explores the possibility of big tech (read Google, Facebook and Amazon amongst others) of violating the act and thus violating law.

I am not equipped or trained to know if the articles position is true or not, but the argument makes sense, even if it’s not 100% the case. I’ll be doing some more research over the coming weeks and months as I suspect this argument will hold more weight in a European context rather than an American one.

The reason I say that is because, if I remember rightly, the Sherman Act is there to keep ‘prices’ under control from vicious monopolistic practices. With Facebook and Google you’re not buying anything. So how can you regulate? Let’s wait and see what happens in the EU after its recent decisions of 5 and 2.7 billion dollars for Google.

We have not heard the last of Facebook scandals and ones originating from Google and Amazon are only just around the corner, this seems to be the “theme” for 2019.

10 January 2019, F.W.I