Apple is doomed, doomed I tell you (/sarcasm)

As the law of numbers catches up with Apple, it faces a rocky but pivotal year where it needs to transition into a services company earlier than panned : Techmeme

Lot’s and lots of coverage on the internet and social media about the revenue revision Apple issued recently. It certainly didn’t look good and hasn’t put Tim Cook in the best light. Unfortunately for Tim, Steve Jobs was before him. I suspect that had we only known Tim Cook we’d be giving him a little more credit, but compared to the phenomenon that was Jobs, it’s a really tough act to follow. I don’t envy his position.

It kind of shows in some of the recent public statements from Apple. Just look at how many words the note was compared to Steve’s similar warning in 2002. Incredibly different positions taken from very powerful CEOs. Steve’s note show utter confidence whereas Tim’s is more apologetic and looking for scapegoats.

Look also, at the recent issue surrounding ‘bent’ iPad Pros. I would have loved to see Steve Job’s response — Yeah its a little bent, fuck you! Go get some other shitty tablet junk of you’re that put out!

So yeah, Apple is doomed. Of course I’m joking, but Apple is clearly in a transition period that is somewhat out of their control, whereas other transitions have been, by and large, well-managed. It will be very interesting to see how this pans out over the next two to three years. I think we’ll look back at this moment as a pivotal one for Apple, even if, in reality, change was ushered in many years ago.