Ride-hailing is still growing, with room for expansion

More Americans are using ride-hailing apps : Pew Research

Some very surprising statistics if you, like me, have a lot of exposure to the tech press and tech social media (Twitter). In 2015 only 15% of U.S. Adults had used ride-hailing services, according to the survey by Pew Research, jumping to 36% in 2018.

More surprisingly, in 2018 there’s still enormous room for growth, as 61% of adults have heard of those services but have not used them. I’m not entirely sure that respondents had access to those services to be fair, as I haven’t had time to read the study as yet.

But taken at face-value, what it does show is that there is possibility to extend or expand services to touch a bigger portion of the population over the next few years. Micromobility?

Research like this underpins those huge stock market valuations that seem utterly bonkers if you don’t have visibility on this stuff. But a potential doubling of your market over the next couple of years is an excellent growth possibility and what the market wants above all else is growth, not necessarily revenue or profit.