Blame the illegals

From a recent opinion published on I refuse to link to it because I feel it is unnecessary to give more voice to this, but I’d be happy to send you the link directly if you wish, although a simple search will likely find the article in question. It was published months ago but I just couldn’t let it go in my head and wanted to comment on it:

But the third hurricane no one thinks about is the hurricane of migration, all the illegals that we face and they are causing repeated, increased cost to our healthcare system that we cannot keep up with, increased cost to our educational system, increased cost to our social system, increased cost to our security system and increased cost to our country at large…

This statement is depressing on a number of levels:

  1. It has nothing to do with climate change, the basic premise of the opening arguments
  2. Immigration, both legal and illegal generally are positive (0.24 percent of GDP according to this study and this is from an anti-immigration group!)
  3. The claim that costs are incurred is backed up by absolutely no facts.
  4. Where are the “illegals” coming from? It wasn’t said.

I put it to you, when you fix the underlying issues of GDP, Healthcare, Education etc. they will only make the island even more attractive to people. Immigration policies will do absolutely nothing to curb immigration in real terms. If you really want to go somewhere, you generally can with a bit of imagination!

Isn’t it better to integrate and help people contribute to the benefit of the whole society, rather than to stigmatise people in need?

Not only that, but think about it for a minute or two. Do you leave your homeland for fun or to put one over your target nation? Many, if not most, are in deplorable conditions and want to better themselves and have valuable skills and contributions to offer their host nation.

I get immigration is an issue and I get that there are those who profit from others’ openness, I just don’t get why, when things are rough politicians and others with influence immediately point the finger at others, the easy target. These tendencies are frightening in the long term and provoke nationalistic feelings and polarisation that, frankly, only result in instability and potential for violence. History has shown us that at a certain point Nationalism only produces bad results for everyone — apart from those in a positon to profit on the backs of others.

23 January 2019, F.W.I