Toxic Social Networks

When Instagram first came online, I was early to jump on the platform, sharing a few creative photos I’d taken with my iPhone. I liked the place, and I was just getting in to photography. It was nice place, and although my works were never of gallery quality, the feedback from people was pleasant and encouraging.

Browsing the works of others helped me take better photographs too. Looking at the composition and the imagination afforded to the most mundane of objects by some photographers was a source of inspiration and a source of pleasure.

Sadly it didn’t last.

The day Facebook was announced as the new owner of Instagram, I deleted the account and never looked back. I feared and deep down felt that a change was coming. A change that I wasn’t going to like. I’d never had a Facebook account for reasons I find hard to express — a constant feeling of being watched over — and I certainly didn’t want to endorse Facebook’s practices, which were rotten even then, unsurprisingly. So I scrubbed the account and looked for an alternative, never really finding one.

I’m currently in the same dilemma at the moment with WhatsApp.

Honestly, I only signed up because a friend badgered me into it over a period of months. But slowly it has creeped in usage to become the messaging app I use slightly more than Messages on iOS. Although if you have both I’ll generally chose Messages.

But there is a large population I converse with, not to mention the groups, that are not on Messages and in those cases WhatsApp is the go to messaging app. I wish I could get off it. I’m currently evaluating the impact of extracting myself from this (now) toxic social network.

Facebook is the real King Midas, turning everything it touches in to shit.

25 January 2019, F.W.I