iMessage’s opportunity to be “the” messaging platform

With the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg, expressing his wish to have a unified platform of messaging for his three main public-facing products, namely Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, I believe there’s an opportunity for Apple to pretty much put to bed messaging on other platforms.

If Apple opened up iMessage to Android there would be literally no need to have another cross-platform messaging product. I only use WhatsApp because some of the people I communicate with are on Android.

It’s true that iMessage group support would need a little boost too. Group messaging is very popular for school classroom groups or sports clubs etc, where fast messaging to all concerned is of great benefit. In fact, I’m seeing that WhatsApp is used more than Facebook as most people nowadays know that there are many conscientious objectors to Facebook.

I know I for one would do what I can to get others onboard the day it happened.

Of course, we don’t currently know what Zuckerberg’s plan is in any detail, and what the privacy implications are, but given the current and past track record, we can be that it’ll be to collect more and more creepy data about us.

5 February 2019, F.W.I