LED street lighting

In news from Caricom, Barbados has signed a deal to replace all 28000 streetlight bulbs with LED ones. With energy savings of around $3.7 BDS per year, I wondered what the actual benefits were.

Clearly saving on electricity costs are there, but there are also substantial savings on replacements and the labour required to replace bulbs.

Typically and standard incandescent bulb will last around 3 years, give or take. Mercury Vapor bulbs last around 4 years but contain Mercury which requires special disposal (more cost) and High Pressue Sodium, HPS — also requiring special disposal) can last over 5 years. How long does a LED last?

We can expect 20+ years when a tree lamp is used for around 10 hours per night, not only that, but the electricity required to run them is over half that of HPS and around 4 times less than incandescent lights.

In Barbados’ case, the return on investment is less than 5 years. That’s a pretty good deal and one that should get other islands looking to do the same.

6 February 2019, F.W.I