It’s the simple things

Driving to town passing through the outskirts into the more urban parts, I pass under a relatively recently erected information sign.

Its purpose, to give information on traffic conditions. It’s a giant panel with what appears to be dot-matrix style text display capabilities. Erected in something like 2015/2016 it looks more like something from the 1990’s.

The limited information display is just that, limited. Frankly it adds virtually no added value for drivers, displaying — infrequently I’ll add — the projected times to drive to 2 areas near the capital and the when there is nothing to display (frequent), the time. A large percentage of the display wasted.

But the worst? The time displayed is off by 5 minutes. 5 freaking minutes? In 2018 where an IoT device could cheaply connect to an internet time sync, or the existing connection from which it gets is (limited) display instructions, could sync the time regularly and easily. This is solved problem from decades ago. This is trivial and inexcusable.

7 February 2019, F.W.I