The phenomenon called Fortnite

A long, but informative article, on redef from Matthew Ball. Really worth the read.

I was thinking about this and other ideas around Fortnite. 12 Million people attended a Marshmello concert hosted by Fortnite. Then 12 hours later, they did it again (although I don’t have in mind how many attended the second show).

Think about that for a minute. A 12 million person concert! In less than 24 hours it was possibly something like 20 mIllion. That’s phenomenal, for the phenomenon called Fortnite.

I began wondering what it’d be like to hold more educative or informative events based on the same idea. Not only could it reach more people, but precisely because it could reach more people it could make more money.

Instead of buying a 10$ dance, how about a 10$ concert?

We’re living in interesting times.

12 February 2019, F.W.I