About Matthew

Matthew started work life building Electric Distribution Panels with a view to fulfill a dream to become a Design Engineer.

Selling his car to buy an Amiga Computer sealed his fate into a world of working with or around all sorts of micro computers, as they were called back then.

Various jobs included, but not limited to, Developer, Network Administrator, Network Consultant, Ingénieur Avant Vente and finally Senior Solutions Architect. He even worked at a Dry Cleaners on Saturdays.

A change in the language used was very astute of you to notice. Yes, Matthew is fully bi-lingual having moved to the French West Indies around 13 years ago to pursue another wish, speak a foreign language fluently.

He lives on a beautiful Island with his wife and son. Aside from the dangers of a killer volcano, earthquakes and hurricanes, life is idyllic.

This blog personal endeavour and longtime wish to share thoughts and random commentary on subjects of interest. Much of this is technical in base, but it may stray into uncharted waters occasionally, possibly in French or Frenglish. Your constructive feedback is most welcome on Twitter : @virek.

The blogs’ name is inspired from this online cartoon.

The header image is from Pixabay user Alex Myers.